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Hey, if anyone reading this and has about 10,000 bucks laying around please give me it so I can buy this new amazing looking model of the U.S.S. Vengeance. Just kidding but really look at this awesome model U.S.S. Vengeance model from QMx. It costs a whopping 9,995 dollars and is handcrafted by six craftsmen.
<![CDATA[First Look: Countdown to DARKNESS #4 Cover!]]>Sun, 20 Jan 2013 17:28:39 GMThttp://nerdgalaxies.weebly.com/star-trek/first-look-countdown-todarkness4-coverPicture
As we till May for the new Star Trek movie, we are going to be getting a new Star Trek comic prequel called Countdown to Darkness (real original with the name I know). While the first issue is still due to be out, we have this awesome cover artwork to look at for the series' finale.  

<![CDATA[Trek Convention 2013 Planned]]>Sat, 24 Nov 2012 21:37:18 GMThttp://nerdgalaxies.weebly.com/star-trek/trek-convention-2013-planned Hello Trekkers, I got good news next year there is a convention happening in Las Vegas. This annual event is going to take place next year on August 8-11 and will be bigger than this year's. William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and Avery Brooks are already planned to be there. So get ready to party Trek style again.  
<![CDATA[Star Trek (video game)]]>Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:48:45 GMThttp://nerdgalaxies.weebly.com/star-trek/star-trek-video-gameNeed more ST games to play? you don't have to wait much longer! 

It's the GORN!!!

     Want more Star Trek to play? I sure do! Finally another ST game is coming out. It is set in the reboot universe and takes place in between Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. I can't wait for Spring to play!

     The game is coming out on PC, 360, and PS3 as of now but with the Wii U coming out, maybe? As you can see the enemy in the game is the Gorn and it takes place on New Vulcan. That is all we are telling you.
<![CDATA[Star Trek Into Darkness]]>Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:30:56 GMThttp://nerdgalaxies.weebly.com/star-trek/star-trek-into-darknessPicture
     The next installment of the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek (almost typed Wars there) reboot series. The title has been confirmed to be Star Trek Into Darkness. The title has no semi-colon or number due to the fact they do not want it to get mixed up the TOS films or TNG films. I really think this is kinda dumb. I can get not calling it Star Trek 2 because of "The Wrath of Khan" but really no semi-colon?

     The story has had two rumored antagonists, Gary Mitchell (from the 2nd pilot episode of TOS) and Khan Noonien Singh (if you truly do not who he is your not a ST fan), both have been debunked but would have been interesting.
     All we have of the movie is three frames one of which is shown at the top of the article. 
UPDATE: Check out trailer below.